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Dancing On The Moon - Pictures Gallery

Dancing on the Moon

Running time: 1 hrs. 27 min.
Canada release: February 23, 1998
Director: Kit Hood

Cast: Nathalie Vansier, Michael Yarmush, Elisha Cuthbert, Martine Badgley, Joanne Côté, Serge Houde, Kim Yaroshevskaya, Nöel Burton, Peter Farbridge, Jason Yearow, Catlin Foster, Kathleen McAuliffe, Melissa Galianos...
Elisha as: Sarah
Plot Summary: Madeline is 13 years old, as are her two friends, and nothing looks the same to her. Her sister is leaving to study medicine, and there's Freddy who's looking at her as no one has before. But she still doesn't want to become an adolescent. A tragic accident and the help of an eccentric aunt who just arrived in her life will help her to pass the barrier.
Notes: Also know as: "Viens danser... sur la lune" (Canada: French title)

Nico the Unicorn - Pictures Gallery

Nico the Unicorn

Running time: 1 hrs. 30 min.
US release: 1998
Director: Graeme Campbell

Cast: Anne Archer, Augusto, Maggie Castle, Pierre Chagnon, Elisha Cuthbert, Larry Day, Charles S. Doucet, Mickey Fry, Bill Haughland, Don McGowan, Johnny Morina, Neige, Martin Neufeld, Joanna Noyes, Michael Ontkean, Leni Parker, Michel Perron, Michael Yarmush, Kevin Zegers...
Elisha as: Carolyn Price
Plot Summary: Based on the popular novel for young adults by Frank Sacks, this heart-warming drama concerns Billy Hastings (Kevin Zegers ), an 11-year-old boy whose life is shattered after his leg is permanently damaged by a drunk driver. Billy and his mother Julie (Anne Archer ) move to a new town in hopes of escaping the bad memories of the accident. Not long after they arrive, they visit a threadbare circus, where they discover a neglected horse. Feeling sorry for the animal, they arrange to take it home, only to discover that the horse is pregnant. That's the least of their surprises, though; the horse shortly gives birth to a unicorn, which appears to have magical powers.

Airspeed - Pictures Gallery


Running time: 1hrs. 30 min.
US release: 1998
MPAA rating: PG
Director: Robert Tinnell

Cast: Elisha Cuthbert, Bronwen Booth, Joe Mantegna, Lynne Adams, Russell Yuen, Gordon Masten, Don Jordan, Martin Lacroix, Yvan Ponton, Charles Powell, Larry Day, Mélany Goudreau, Roc LaFortune, Jason Cavalier, Stéphane Lefebvre...
Elisha as: Nicole Stone
Plot Summary: When the spoiled 13 years old Nicole is expelled from school for the third time, her super rich daddy has her brought home in his private 727. However in a storm the airplane gets damaged and the pilots and personnel are are knocked out by loss of oxygen. So it's up to Nicole to fight for their lives. Her only help is a young air traffic controller who talks to her by radio.

Time at the Top - Pictures Gallery

Time at the Top

Running time: 1 hrs. 36 min
US release: January 17, 1999
Director: Jim Kaufman

Cast: Timothy Busfield, Elisha Cuthbert, Gabrielle Boni, Matthew Harbour, Jean Leclerc, Richard Jutras, Charles Powell, Howard Rosentein, Jacklin Webb, Michel Perron, Nadia Verrucci, Amy King, Lincoln Ward, Spencer Evans, Frances Brady-Stewart...
Elisha as: Susan Shawson
Plot Summary: 14-year old Susan Shawson travels back in time in her building's elevator. As altered by a retired physicist living in her building, it transports her from Philadelphia of 1998 back to the same place in 1881. There she meets Victoria Walker, a girl her own age in need of assistance with her own family problems. Gradually discovering the power of her time machine, Susan, Victoria, and her young brother Robert travel back and forth in time and succeed in changing both the past and the future.

Are you afraid of the dark? - Pictures Gallery

Are you afraid of the dark? (tv series)

Running time: 30 min
US release: 1999
Director: Sean Dwyer, Ron Oliver, Iain Paterson, Adam Weissman

Cast: Daniel DeSanto, Kareem Blackwell, Elisha Cuthbert, David Deveau, Vanessa Lengies...
Elisha as: Megan
Plot Summary: A revival of the popular early-90's ghost story show of the same name. A group of kids calling themselves "The Midnight Society" spends each episode sitting around a campfire swapping scary stories. Creepy, but never gory or excessively frightening, common subjects included haunted houses, what goes on behind the neighbor's walls, and other things that go bump in the night.

Who Gets the House? - Pictures Gallery

Who Gets the House?

Running time: 1 hrs. 38 min.
US release: 1999
Director: Timothy J. Nelson

Cast: George Takei, Sophie Lorain, Carl Marotte, Ricky Mabe, Elisha Cuthbert, Emma Taylor-Isherwood, Sally Taylor-Isherwood, Fatuma Kayembe, Mark Swanson...
Elisha as: Emily Reece
Plot Summary: Don and Rebecca Reece are facing the toughest decision of their lives whether or not to end their marriage of nearly 20 years. The Reeces agree to a trial separation. The kids get the house; Mom and Dad will shuttle back and forth.
Notes: Also known as: Qui garde la maison? (Canada: French title)

Mail to the Chief - Pictures Gallery

Mail to the Chief

Running time: -
US release: April 2, 2000
Director: Eric Champnella

Cast: Bill Switzer, Randy Quaid, Holland Taylor, Ashley Gorrell, Martin Doyle, Craig Eldridge, Patrick Galligan, Kathleen Laskey, Dave Nichols, J.J. Stocker, Neil Crone, Elisha Cuthbert, Joe Dinicol, Kyle Downes, Richard McMillan...
Elisha as: Madison Osgood
Plot Summary: A humorous and inspiring adventure about an ordinary middle school student who strikes up an online friendship with someone bearing the screen name Average Joe, only to discover that he's been corresponding with and giving political advice to the President of the United States.

Believe - Pictures Gallery


Running time: 1 hrs. 36 min.
US release: 2000
MPAA rating: Rated PG for thematic material.
Director: Robert Tinnell

Cast: Ricky Mabe, Mario Boni, Justin Bradley, Vlasta Vrana, Christopher Heyerdahl, Jayne Heitmeyer, Chip Chuipka, Elisha Cuthbert, Jan Rubes, Una Kay, Stephanie Morgenstern, Charles Powell, Ben Gazzara...
Elisha as: Katherine Winslowe
Plot Summary: After being continually kicked out of boarding schools, Ben is sent to live with his stern Grandfather in a small town. While there, no one is interested in him with the exception of a girl named Kathrine. The two become fast friends despite the unexplained protests from Ben's grandfather and Katherine's uncle. Almost as soon as he arrives, Ben begins to see the ghost of a woman around his grandfather's house. He and Katherine want to help the ghost who holds a connection to both of their families. As they research the past, Ben and Katherine find out that sometimes all you need to do to help someone is to believe.

Lucky Girl - Pictures Gallery

Lucky Girl

Running time: 1 hrs. 40 min.
Canada release: April 8, 2001
Director: John Fawcett

Cast: Elisha Cuthbert, Sherry Miller, Evan Sabba, Greg Ellwand, Sarah Osman, Jonathon Whittaker, Charlotte Sullivan, Victoria Snow, Jordan Walker, Steve Ross, Jordan Madley, Jaya Karsemeyer, Steven Taylor, Von Flores, Christine Lee...
Elisha as: Katlin Palmerston
Plot Summary: Great made-for-TV fun. A little edgier than your typical Lifetime fare and not nearly as cheesy (but cheesy enough to satisfy that cheese-jones). More realistic high school setting than one usually sees in these things, and the actors actually looked the ages they were supposed to portray. Good performances, good writing, and gotta love the not-so-happy ending.
Notes: Also knows as: My Daughter's Secret Life.

24 - Pictures Gallery

24 (tv series)

Running time: 45 min. 60 min. (including commercials)
US release: 2001
Creator: Joel Surnow, Robert Cochran

Cast: Kiefer Sutherland, Leslie Hope (2001-2002), Elisha Cuthbert (2001-2004), Sarah Clarke (2001-2004), Dennis Haysbert (2001-2004), Carlos Bernard (2002-2004), Xander Berkeley (2002-2003), Penny Johnson (2001-2004), Reiko Aylesworth (2003-2004), Sarah Wynter (2002-2003), James Badge Dale (2003-2004), Alberta Watson (2004-), Shohreh Aghdashloo (2005), Jonathan Ahdout (2005), Shawn Doyle (2005), Lukas Haas (2005), Philip Baker Hall (2005), Martin Kove (2005), Louis Lombardi (2005), Johnny Messner (2005), Cynthia Pinot (2005), Kim Raver (2005), Nestor Serrano (2005), Brian Thompson (2005)...
Elisha as: Kimberly 'Kim' Bauer
Plot Summary: In this concept drama, each season takes place within one 24 hour period. Jack Bauer is the head of an elite team of CIA agents who uncover an assassination plot targeting Presidential nominee David Palmer. Meanwhile, Jack's strained marriage to his wife, Teri, is pushed to the brink by the sudden disappearance of their troubled teenage daughter. What will the next 24 hours hold?

Old School - Pictures Gallery

Old School

Running time: 1 hrs. 31 min.
US release: February 21, 2003
MPAA rating: R
Director: Todd Phillips

Cast: Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Jeremy Piven, Ellen Pompeo, Juliette Lewis, Leah Remini, Perrey Reeves, Craig Kilborn, Elisha Cuthbert, Seann William Scott, Matt Walsh, Artie Lange, Patrick Fischler, Sara Tanaka...
Elisha as: Darcie
Production Budget: $24 million + $25 million Marketing Costs
Distributor: DreamWorks
Worldwide Gross: $86,941,509
Plot Summary: Mitch, Frank and Beanie are disillusioned with their personal lives begining when Mitch's nymphomanic girlfriend, Heidi, cheats on him, then former party animal Frank gets married, but unwilling to get go of his wild life, and Beanie is a family man seeking to reclaim his wild and crazy youth. Beanie suggests that they form their own fraternity in Mitch's new house on a college campus to re-live their glory days by bringing together a variety of misfit college students, losers, middle-aged and elderly retirees as their new friends and later try to avoid being evicted by the new Dean of Students, Pritchard, whom still holds a personal grudge against all three of them.

Love Actually - Pictures Gallery

Love Actually

Running time: 2 hrs. 8 min.
US release: November 7, 2003.
MPAA rating: R
Director: Richard Curtis

Cast: Bill Nighy, Gregor Fisher, Rory MacGregor, Colin Firth, Sienna Guillory, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Lulu Popplewell, Kris Marshall, Heike Makatsch, Martin Freeman, Joanna Page, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Andrew Lincoln, Keira Knightley, Elisha Cuthbert...
Elisha as: Carol-Anne, American Goddess
Production Budget: $40 million
Distributor: Universal
Worldwide Gross: $244,707,900
Plot Summary: The characters are falling in love, falling out of love, some are with right people, some are with the wrong people, some are looking to have an affair, some are in the period of mourning; a capsule summary of reality. Love begins and love ends. They flirt a lot. They are all flirting with love. At all ages and social levels, love is the theme. Romantic love and brotherly love is the hotchpotch through out the movie. Most of the movie is filmed in London, during Christmas and the characters all ended up at Heathrow airport a very uplifting note.

The Girl Next Door - Pictures Gallery

The Girl Next Door

Running time: 1 hrs. 49 min.
US release: March 27, 2004
MPAA rating: R
Director: Luke Greenfield

Cast: Emile Hirsch, Elisha Cuthbert, Timothy Olyphant, James Remar, Chris Marquette, Paul Dano, Timothy Bottoms, Donna Bullock, Jacob Young, Brian Kolodziej, Brandon Iron, Amanda Swisten, Sung Hi Lee, Ulysses Lee, Harris Laskaway...
Elisha as: Danielle
Production Budget: n/a
Distributor: Fox
Worldwide Gross: $26,611,268
Plot Summary: A straight-arrow high-school senior falls in love with the perfect 'girl-next-door', only to discover she is a former porn star. He comes to realize that if he wants this very special woman, he better be willing to risk it all and experience a journey for which he never could have prepared.
Notes:Elisha Cuthbert filmed some of her scenes during a break from the latter part of season 2 of "24" (2001), and then continued filming during the summer hiatus between seasons 2 and 3 of "24".

House of Wax

Running time: n/a
US release: May 6, 2005
MPAA rating: n/a
Director: Jaume Serra

Cast: Elisha Cuthbert, Jared Padalecki, John Abrahams, Damon Herriman, Paris Hilton, Chad Michael Murray...
Elisha as: Carly Jones
Gross: n/a
Plot Summary: What begins as a weekend getaway for six friends becomes a terrifying fight for their lives in HOUSE OF WAX, an exciting re-imagining of the 1953 horror classic from Dark Castle Entertainment and producers Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis. A road trip to the biggest college football championship of the year takes a turn for the worse for Carly (ELISHA CUTHBERT), Paige (PARIS HILTON) and their friends when they decide to camp out for the night before heading to the game. A confrontation with a mysterious trucker at the camp site leaves everyone unsettled, and Carly has her hands full trying to keep the peace between her boyfriend Wade (JARED PADALECKI) and her hot-headed brother Nick (CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY). They wake up the next morning to find that their car has been deliberately tampered with. At the risk of being stranded, they accept a local’s invitation for a ride into Ambrose, the only town for miles. Once there, they are drawn to Ambrose’s main attraction—Trudy’s House of Wax, which is filled with remarkably life-like wax sculptures. But as they soon discover, there is a shocking reason the exhibits look so real. As the friends uncover the town’s dark secrets, they are stalked by a demented killer and find themselves in a bloody battle for survival. The group must find a way out of Ambrose or become permanent additions to the HOUSE OF WAX.

The Quiet

Running time: n/a
US release: 2005
MPAA rating: n/a
Director: Jamie Babbit

Cast: Camilla Belle, Elisha Cuthbert, Edie Falco, Shawn Ashmore, Martin Donovan, Katy Mixon, Shannon Marie Woodward....
Elisha as: Nina
Gross: n/a
Plot Summary: The Quiet is a dramatic thriller about an orphaned teen (Camilla Belle) sent to live with her godparents and their daughter Nina (Elisha Cuthbert). Unable to hear or speak, Dot's alienated existence takes a disturbing turn when she uncovers the secrets of her new family. Out of the lies and deception that threaten to tear the family apart, an unlikely bond forms between Nina and Dot. Edie Falco and Martin Donovan portray Nina's parents while Shawn Ashmore plays Connor, the seemingly typical high school jock who harbors secrets of his own.

The Itty Bitty Titty Committee

Running time: n/a
US release: n/a
MPAA rating: n/a
Director: Jamie Babbit

Cast: Camilla Belle, Elisha Cuthbert, Edie Falco, Martin Donovan...
Elisha as: n/a
Gross: n/a
Plot Summary: Elishat will star in the tale of a high school girl who discovers a new purpose to her life after joining a radical feminist group.


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